acoustically transparent projector screen

What is an acoustically transparent projector screen?

An acoustically transparent projector screen is most appropriate in a situation when speakers should be put behind the projection screen and you would prefer not to sound waves to associate with the screen, moving the projection surface and making mutilations the picture or decreasing the nature of the sound by obstructing the sound waves.

Acoustically transparent screens work by using negative space in the surface, which takes into account the sound waves to go through without obstruction from the surface.

These screens are especially valuable when there isn’t sufficient space in the screening space to have the speakers put on the screen and one wouldn’t like to get a little screen so as to leave space for the speakers as an afterthought.

Numerous individuals additionally incline toward the dream of the character’s voices originating from “behind” the image instead of the sides or underneath it as it imitates the characters talking.

Speakers behind the screen

sound transparent projector screenAn acoustically transparent screen enables you to put speakers behind a projector screen. An acoustically transparent screen is normally made of a woven material that squares light from going through yet enables sound to go through without being misshaped.

They are extremely helpful for putting the speakers out of direct locate and behind the screen. Voices and different sounds have the impact of originating from the image itself, as opposed to from the sides and beneath the projector screen.

Pros of AT screen

There are a couple of motivations to utilize an acoustically transparent projector screen over a typical projector screen.

Speakers behind the Projector Screen:

The Sound Comes from the Screen–Sound impacts and exchange are both ordinarily created by the inside, left, and right front channel speakers. An acoustically transparent screen gives you a chance to see the sounds as coming legitimately from the screen. Picture this, you have a huge 100″+ picture being anticipated before you with heaps of sound coming legitimately from the screen.

This truly maneuvers you into the experience of the film, appears, and so forth. It’s genuinely an unequaled encounter to when contrasted with an ordinary projector screen.

Easier Speaker Installation

With an ordinary screen, you should manage to introduce speakers in a decent area however guarantee the speakers are as yet pointing towards the watchers. Introducing speakers next to and underneath the screen appropriately can be exceptionally troublesome, particularly if space is constrained.

You additionally don’t have to stress over how the speakers look since they are covered up. Utilizing speakers behind the projector screen are the means by which a home performance center ought to be planned. Practically all genuine cinemas utilize this strategy since it is by a long shot the best choice!

Bigger Screen Size

You can really utilize a greater measured projector screen as a rule since you never again need space for speakers outwardly or around the screen. All speakers are essentially situated behind the screen, so whenever wanted, you could utilize a projector screen that covers a whole divider!

Benefits of sound transparent projector screen

  • Film’s soundstage is drastically improved
  • Ability to match left, right, and focus channel speakers because of behind-screen situating
  • Superlative acoustical transparentness
  • Unmatched acoustical execution contrasted with non-acoustically transparent plans
  • Screen increase matches that of customary non-acoustically transparent screens


  • More costly
  • Calculations for review separation, screen type, projector type, and picture brilliance, become progressively basic to keep away from visual ancient rarities from being presented.