I discovered Hugo Kant’s music about six months ago when I first heard his independently released EP “Searching London”. The EP contained three moody instrumental tracks consisting of subtly layered samples intertwining with flute melodies and ominous grooves. Needless to say, I was immediately hooked and I started poking around the net looking for more information about this artist. What I found out was that Hugo Kant is a musician/producer from Marseille, France and that the EP was only a prelude to his upcoming album titled “I don’t want to be an emperor”. (The album is out now, and its definitely worth a purchase. You can get it from Hugo’s Soundcloud or Bandcamp.)

His Soundcloud profile also linked to his Mixcloud account on which hosted some of his mixtapes. These masterfully crafted mixes seamlessly blended tracks from some of my favorite artists into hour long head-nodding sessions and I would often find myself hitting replay as soon as they were finished. So when Josh and I started talking about approaching some guest DJ’s and producers to do mixes for the Nocturne Podcast, Hugo Kant was definitely one of the top names on my list. Anyways, long story short, we got in touch with Hugo using the power of the internets and, even though he is insanely busy these days playing shows (check the video below), he agreed to send us this mix for the podcast. Enjoy!

Get it in iTunes or download it directly here.

Track Listing:
01 Hugo Kant – Nocturne
02 Frenic – The Monolith
03 Pawn Shop – Midnight Run
04 PapaDose – Brooks Was Here
05 Kabanjak – Follow the Storm
06 Triberg – Himmelreich
07 Hypoetical – Staring At My Eyelids
08 DJ Signify – Bollywood Babies
09 Nostalgia 77 – Only Hush
10 Brombaer & Phole – Globo
11 The Herbaliser – The Hard Stuff
12 Herma Puma – Cyckle
13 The Cinematic Orchestra – Channel 1 Suite
14 Mr Cooper – Two
15 HashFinger – A1.August11
16 Roger Molls – You
17 Xploding Plastix – Omar Sharif Bonanza
18 40 Winks – Wise Up
19 Radio Citizen – Night I
20 Hugo Kant – I don’t want to be an emperor

Midnight Run by Nocturne Records on Mixcloud

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  1. Alex

    February 18, 2014 (08:20) Reply

    Can you repost the download link? Getting a page not found error.

    • Josh

      February 18, 2014 (22:40) Reply

      Hey Alex,
      Link is fixed. Thanks for the heads up.

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