In this installment of the Nocturne Records Podcast we pay tribute to some of (in our opinion) the best drummers in the funk and soul genres. Although the majority of the drummers featured in this podcast each have their own standard tracks that feature examples of excellent patterns and techniques, I chose not to showcase a lot of their well known material. “In The Cut” is fairly self indulgent(as most of our podcasts are), in that it is basically the music that I have been listening to recently from these musicians. Instead of rewriting/ copying and pasting each artists discography and biography here on the blog I have attempted to link a relevant article or page for each track and artist below. If you hear something you enjoy I would encourage you to check out the artists information and support them by buying their music. Enjoy.
Play it on mixcloud below, get it in iTunes or download it directly here.

Track Listing:
01 Bernard “Pretty” PurdieLight Years Away | Unknown – Power of the Drums
02 Homer Steinweiss – Homers Battle with ESB
03 Vocal from: The Making of The Game Get’s Old
04 Malcolm CattoSpace Time Girl with The Heliocentrics
05 Malcolm Catto on the Gilles Peterson Show
06 Al Jackson Jr. – Groovin’ with Booker T and the MG’s
07 Vocal from: Musicians Hall of Fame on Al Jackson
08 Idris Muhammad – Loran’s Dance
09 Vocal from Nardwuar VS. Quest Love
10 Quest Love – Go Back to That Thing with D’angelo
11 Vocal From: Bernard Perdie Drum Lesson
12 Quest Love – Pete Rock with D’angelo
13 Vocals From: Bernard Perdie Drum Lesson | Zigaboo Backstage Practice
14 Joseph “Zigaboo” ModelisteRigor Mortis with The Meters
15 Vocal from Bernard Purdie Shuffle Part 2
16 Bernard “Pretty” PurdieModern Jive with Sugarman 3 and Co.
17 Bernard “Pretty” PurdieSong for Aretha
18 Skit from Shawn Lee Interview (Meeting Clutchy Hopkins)
19 Shawn LeeKen Park with Bludetto
20 Vocal from: Clyde Stubblefield the Original Funky Drummer
21 Clyde Stubblefield – Lowdown Popcorn with James Brown and the JB’s
22 Vocal from Keep In Time (Talking drums & whispering vinyl)

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