This edition of the Nocturne Records podcast features a mix of tracks from a number of artists who preserve the traditional “dub sound” in the 21’st century. The first part of the podcast contains dub versions of old and new songs from various genres, while the second portion features original productions that incorporate dub engineering/production techniques into their sound.

Josh was nice enough to take the time to provide us with the links to the individual artist websites in the track list below, so feel free to do some exploring while you are listening. Headphones are strongly recommended here to get the proper intended experience of this mix. Thanks for listening everyone!

Play it on soundcloud below, get it in iTunes or download it directly here.

Track Listing:
01 Blundetto – Nautilus
02 Sharon JonesHow long do I have to dub for you?
03 Echocentrics – Don Alejo (Grant Phabao Remix)
04 Easy Star All Stars – Time
05 Spacemonkeyz – Gravity Dub
06 The Lions – Lankershim Dub
07 Quantic – Make Dub Not War
08 Ping Pong Orchestra – Bathtub Dub
09 Clutchy Hopkins – Lord Kenji
10 Jon Kennedy – Dub
11 Unforscene – Tango In Dub
12 Kid Koala – A Dub Thing
13 Boozoo Bajou – Bakar

Featherweight Dub by Nocturne Records on Mixcloud

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  1. Josh

    December 16, 2012 (16:55) Reply

    Love that Sharon Jones dub. I have yet to hear a bad mix from Victor Axelrod and would recommend him to anyone interested in hearing some top shelf modern dub.

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