• New Music Monday – Sun Riders

    I find myself listening to more and more ambient music these days, to the point where it has taken over the majority of my music library. It started with me looking for some relaxing night time listening and quickly grew as I discovered a genre of music that is fairly limitless in both influence and application.

    If the word Ambient conjures up images of endless notes on the didgeridoo or hour long recordings of ‘bubbling brooks’ that induce frequent trips to the washroom, you might want to re-visit the genre. As with most alternative genres of music there are some really exciting and beautiful things happening right now. Which leads me to this week’s New Music Monday and a great place to start if you want to check out some modern ambient music.

    With a tremendous back catalog and new music coming out fairly regularly, UK based producer 36 (pronounced three-six) is doing some really interesting things using a combination of samples, synths and intelligent mixing techniques. 36′s latest release Sun Riders is a great jumping off point not only because it is an excellent ambient EP, but it is also an easily digestible four tracks that spans a broad range of ambient styles.


  • The Year After the World Was Supposed to End

    Keteku 2013 Wrap Up Title

    I hope everyone is in good spirits and all minds and hearts are at peace, or at least finding peace. This past year has been a real pleasure to experience, with all the ups and downs that come with time I am grateful for the opportunity to live and learn on this planet another round around the sun. The following are some of the highlights of my year. I write these partly because I want to share the experiences I had with friends, family and those whom I’ve never met but maintain some sort of connection to. It is also an exercise in nostalgia. Here are 13 of my highlights from the past year. Thanks for indulging.

    It begins like this. Read On…

  • New Music from High Waters & Halfcut

    Just in time for the holidays Halfcut and High Waters have released some new music free of charge. You can check out Half’s new track above which was released to coincide with the launch of his fan page on facebook over here.

    High Waters have also released a Gather Wish remix album over on their bandcamp page. Head over here to stream and download a free copy. They also pressed a very limited run of 100 CDs so if you are the hard copy type you can pick one up for $5 CAN. Check out the album below.