New Podcast – Sun Fades

Takuya Kuroda

Photo By Hiroyuku Seo

Although Sun Fades is our idea of a summer inspired mix-tape, the latest Nocturne Records Podcast is also partially inspired by the recent passing of Blue Notes 75th anniversary. While putting together the mix, I realized that there is some amazing new Jazz music out that I really feel people should check out.

For me the best part about a lot of this music is that the musicians are inspired by and grew up listening to the same artists you and I know and love. You can hear Dilla, RZA, and DJ Shadow hidden whiten plane site on a lot of these releases and it sounds great. Of course, modern/nu/new jazz is inspired in equal parts by traditional jazz and that creates a really unique and fresh sound. You can check out some of my suggested albums below. The new podcast is also available now so you should check that out over here.

Takuya Koroda – Rising Son

Bad Bad Not Good – III

Taylor McFerrin – Early Riser